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Suite of Services Includes
  • Asbestos & Lead Inspections
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement Project Management
  • Mold/Fungi & Bacterial Contamination Surveys & Inspections
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Asbestos and Lead Renovation & Demolition Inspections
  • Safety & Industrial Hygiene
  • Hazardous Materials Services
  • Training for OSHA, Asbestos, Lead, Mold/fungi,
  • First Aid/CPR, & HAZCOM.
    Training can also be performed completely in Spanish.
  • DOSH Asbestos Contractor Registration Assistance and Application Package
  • ISNetworld Health & Safety Plan Compliance
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Mold is creating a challenge for those who buy, sell, own, manage, lease, insure and finance developed properties. By itsí nature mold is present everyday in our lives everywhere on this planet, inside and outside of our buildings. Mold is classified as fungi and is easily transported through the air. When provided moisture or a water source mold will grow very rapidly consuming any source of organic material. Many common building materials serve as a food source for mold; gypsum wall board, cellulose ceiling tiles, wood, paper, and dirt to name a few. Since molds grow by digesting organic material, they eventually destroy whatever they grow on. Molds release millions of tiny, microscopic, lightweight spores that travel through the air, which can be ingested by building occupants. The resultant mold spores have the potential to cause adverse health effects to humans.

Due to itsí nature the potential for mold infestations cannot be completely eliminated, however SE provides a wide range of proactive services intended to minimize the likelihood of future mold occurrences. These services will be developed for your specific project and/or facility to meet you project goals and business objectives.

Proactive Services

  • IAQ Construction Management plan
  • Renovation and new construction inspections
  • IAQ/Mold baseline surveys of new and existing buildings

Reactive/Emergency Services

  • IAQ/Mold investigation and survey
  • IAQ/Mold cause and origin forensic investigations
  • IAQ/Mold health related issues
  • IAQ/Mold restoration and remediation specifications
  • IAQ/Mold restoration and remediation process management
  • IAQ/Mold remediation observation and monitoring
  • IAQ/Mold Clearance sampling and documentation
  • Post restoration and remediation moisture prevention plans
  • IAQ/Mold content damage evaluation
  • IAQ/Mold operation and maintenance planning
  • Re-occupancy clearance consulting and monitoring
  • In-house IAQ microbiology laboratory

Process and Design

Preliminary Survey: SE conducts a walk-through of affected spaces, making an initial determination of the locations, general types and extent of potential contamination. As appropriate, we provide interim recommendations for actions which may be needed to protect human health, prevent the spread of the contaminants, or prevent further deterioration of building systems or materials.

Sampling and Analysis: When necessary, we develop and implement sampling plans according to established industry standards. Representative samples are collected for laboratory analysis and identification of the microbial contaminants. Our sampling procedures tie individual samples to specific locations so that the boundaries of the contamination and existing variation of the biota are recognized.

Restoration and Remediation Design: Upon receiving the laboratory analyses, SE has the ability to design restoration and/or remediation plans to address a building's biological contaminants and moisture issues. In all cases, the plans include procedures to protect the health and safety of residents, employees and visitors both during and after remediation.

Moisture Control Plan: The objective of these plans is to provide guidance for monitoring the site structures for signs of moisture intrusion and procedures to be implemented when or if moisture enters the buildings. The following topics are addressed in this plan: 1.) Preventative maintenance, 2.) Communications plan for building occupants, 3.) Designation of responsible person, 4.) Moisture related incident response, 5.) Restoration of moisture impacted areas and 6.) Listing of related approved vendors.

Technical Expert Support: SE has many IAQ Senior Technical Professionals and Industrial Hygienists that are members of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) with a vast amount of experience. Our key technical professionals have experience in expert witness testimony and technical consultation in support of litigation
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